Mission Admission

Mission Admission:

Application are invited from interested and eligible candidates.

Post Graduate Admission
Forbesganj College offers under graduate and post graduate degrees in more than 10 departments . Please refer to the admissions section and contact each department individually for their specific requirements.Each Department has its own set of eligibility requirements depending on the specialization of the program/course offered. The eligibility requirements are also available at the Registrar’s office. For queries, please contact  Admissions Section, Forbesganj College.
Undergraduate Admission

Forbesganj College offers various under graduate courses. Students can avail information about the courses offered, fees, eligibility criteria, accommodation facilities etc .

Schedule for admission shall be announced as per B.N.M.U norms.

Admission Committee :

No. Name Contact No. Email Id
No. Name Contact No. Email Id
1 Dr. Suresh Nayak 06455 – 223344 nayak@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Sri Chandrika Prasad 06455 – 223344 prasad@forbesganjcollege.org
3 Admission Desk 06455 – 223344 desk@forbesganjcollege.org