Faculty refers to the academic staff : professors of various ranks, lecturers, and/or researchers.
The teaching faculty of this college is our single biggest asset. The college boasts of qualified experienced and dedicated faculty.

Faculty Of Arts
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha Head of Department Hindi sjha@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Md. Siddique Alam Head of Department Urdu salam@forbesganjcollege.org
3 Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava Head of Department English Srivastava@forbesganjcollege.org
4 Dr. Suresh Nayak Head of Department English nayak@forbesganjcollege.org
5 Dr. Bhagwan Mistri Head of Department Political Science mistri@forbesganjcollege.org
6 Dr. Arvind Kumar Verma Head of Department History averma@fbgcollege.org
7 Dr. Kusheshwar Thakur Head of Department Economics kthakur@forbesganjcollege.org
Faculty Of Science
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Vaccant Head of Department Math
2 Vaccant Head of Department Physics
3 Sri Ashok Kumar Verma Sr. Practical Incharge Botany verma@forbesganjcollege.org
4 Sri Deepak Kumar Sinha Head of Department Zoology deepak@forbesganjcollege.org
5 Sri Vinod Kumar Singh Sr. Practical Incharge Zoology vinod@forbesganjcollege.org
6 Vaccant Head of Department Psychology
7 Vaccant Head of Department Maithili
Faculty Of Commerce
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Dr. Pawan Kumar Mallick Head of Department Commerce pawan@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Dr. Jawahar Lal Rai Lecturer Commerce rai@forbesganjcollege.org
Faculty Of B.ED Department
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Dr. Adesh Kumar Head of Department B.ED Department adesh@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor Hindi sanjeev@forbesganjcollege.org
3 Mr. Nishant Nayak Assistant Professor English nisant@forbesganjcollege.org
4 Mr. Santosh Kumar Jha Assistant Professor Biological Science santosh@forbesganjcollege.org
5 Mrs. Rashmi Kumari Assistant Professor Chemistry rashmi@forbesganjcollege.org