Faculty refers to the academic staff 
The teaching faculty of this college is the single biggest asset. The college boasts of qualified experienced and dedicated faculty.

Faculty Of Arts
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email Photo
1 Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava Head of Department English Srivastava@forbesganjcollege.org 8E528637-1F54-4BB1-AF0E-76D46403D909
2 Dr. Kamleshwari Niranjan Head of Department Philosophy
3 Dr. Arvind Kumar Verma Head of Department History averma@fbgcollege.org New Doc 2018-05-26
4 Dr. Suresh Nayak Head of Department English nayak@forbesganjcollege.org
5 Dr. Bhagwan Mistri Head of Department Political Science mistri@forbesganjcollege.org
6 Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha Head of Department Hindi sudhanshushekhar@fbgcollege.org
7 Sri Santosh Kumar Jha Head of Department Maithili C9B0D4A2-4FE8-4596-9595-1A9689882F8A
8 Sri Manoj Kumar Ray Philosophy manojray475@gmail.com 7461C9AE-9358-4E92-949B-CE18F94A939D
9 Sri Suman Sagar Head of Department Economics sumansagar.bth@gmail.com wt m
10 Ram Naresh Singh Head of Department Psychology 1B951746-448A-4469-9F5C-712D37882E11
Faculty Of Science
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email Photo
1 Dr. Upendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha Head of Department Physics ukps378@gmail.com 61B171E6-EE19-4E89-B536-91D6CA2F8835
2 Dr. Mohan Kasula Head of Department Chemistry kasulamohan@gmail.com E598F5DD-D63D-4CB7-A269-0DC737578C47
3 Sri Ram Shila Head of Department Mathematics ramshila01@gmail.com  DSC_2260
Faculty Of Commerce
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Dr. Pawan Kumar Mallick Head of Department Commerce pawan@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Dr. Jawahar Lal Rai Lecturer Commerce rai@forbesganjcollege.org
Faculty Of B.ED Department
Sr No. Name Designation Subject Email
1 Santosh Kumar Jha Head of Department B.ED Department santoshjha@forbesganjcollege.org
2 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor Hindi sanjeev@forbesganjcollege.org
3 Mr. Nishant Nayak Assistant Professor English nisant@forbesganjcollege.org
4 Mrs. Rashmi Kumari Assistant Professor Chemistry rashmi@forbesganjcollege.org